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In The Meantime… what have we been up to?

By Mats. Posted in News | Comments Off on In The Meantime… what have we been up to?

The various members of Backdraft have been occupied with various musical projects during 2003-2004:
• First, Odin Grange, with Rob, Snejken, Mats and Nick along with singer Greg Strzempka of US boogie legends Raging Slab.
• Nick and Mats have recently also been touring and recording with Raging Slab.
• Rob has started performing regularly with favourite fellows & fishermen Abramis Brama.
• Jonas and Nick both joined Stockholm rockers Shades Of Pale in 2003, alongside Gunnar on bass (ex-Southfork), Jonas Thür (Very Ape) and Mange (ex-July). The band however broke up in the fall of 2004.
• Jonas and Mats jammed for a while in a project named Paydirt, together with guitarist Mattias (Sins Of Omission, ex-Mörk Gryning) and keyboard player Jocke (ex-Elsesphere, ex-Cross) and various drummers.
• Mats has played live and recorded an EP with Max Waltman & Kung Social, featuring tracks produced by Chips Kiesbye and musicians from bands such as Shades Of Pale, Lars Winnerbäck and Theo & The Hotpants Explosion.
• Niklas has also been performing quite a lot live and on video with the Swedish power-pop/rock band ZAC.

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