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Second album news!

By Mats. Posted in News | Comments Off on Second album news!

The long-overdue second Backdraft album is finished, mixed, mastered – even printed and delivered!

The album is going to be titled The Second Coming, was recorded by the band themselves over the last year, and mixed by Jo E. It will be released thru GMR Music on the 22nd of August. The first track, Just Ain’t Right, has been purposely leaked to a few folks – and can now also be heard over on the Myspace page!

More information about specific distributors in various countries, possible tour dates and such will be announced here at a later time.

This also marks the return of the official Backdraft web page! We haven’t had time working on this old-school tool for some time, being hooked into our Myspaces, Crackberries or reading all Cub Coda’s entries on blues legends at, but from now on it’s back in business, and will feature images and words from Stockholm’s foulest!