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So, who’s the new guy? Backdraft welcomes Jon!

By Mats. Posted in News | Comments Off on So, who’s the new guy? Backdraft welcomes Jon!

After original guitarist Snejken’s departure in late December of last year – just as the band was getting ready to start working on their third album – a new opportunity presented itself to enroll one of our favorite guitarists as his replacement!

Some of you may already have seen him rock the stage, own the stage, be the stage, at one of our gigs this spring in Spain or Sweden. The rest of y’all, we present to you, on the guitar (drum roll)… Jon Sundberg!

Those in tune with the Swedish rock scene may recognise him as the lead guitarist of Babylon Bombs, with whom he recorded several albums and toured extensively. (Their latest is called Babylon’s Burning – check out their Myspace!)

Welcome Jon! Hows it going?
– I’m just fine, thanks! Playing some country licks in the sun.

When did you start to play the guitar and why?
– I wanted a guitar after seeing Back to the future. My dad bought me one for my eleventh birthday. Then he had to teach me how to play Johnny B. Goode, which took a while, but I got it right in the end.

Who are your main inspirations?
– When I grew up, Slash really was the greatest there was! He has influenced me a lot. Nowadays I mostly find inspiration in the people I play with. Rabbi Rob is a huge inspiration to me!

What’s the best record of all time and why?
– That’s just about the hardest question there is? Well, Appetite for destruction is very close to my heart. I will never get tired of that one.

What are you going to do this summer?
– This summer I’ll be hanging in Stockholm. Working, playing, working, playing… and hopefully find time for a whole lot of beer drinking in the sunshine.