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Recent related road adventures

By Mats. Posted in Gigs | Comments Off on Recent related road adventures

Backdraft’s been keeping a quite low profile, while focusing on the writing and recording, only playing Sticky Fingers top-floor in Gothenburg in September (thank YOU to those who rocked out on short notice!)

Meanwhile some of the guys been moonlighting with their other projects, check ’em out:

• Jonas did a weekend’s worth of gigs in Germany, and then a few in Greece, with psychadelic groove masters Siena Root, in addition to recording and mixing a lot of different projects at his A.R.T. Studios.

• Rob has been performing here and there with the mighty Abramis Brama, who released their fifth studio album, Smakar Söndag, this summer. Which got nominated for the P3 Guld award, even!

• Jon has released a new record, Babylon’s Burning, with his other band, Babylon Bombs.

• Mats have played a few gigs with singer/songwriter Maria Pettersson, featuring Filip Norman of Qoph on guitar, and also sat in with Fender Rhodes and hot-shot driven Stockholm band The Worthy for one gig.

• Niklas has been hard at work running the clubs Heaven & Hell at Debaser, The Cave and Rocks, and also recently been touring with (and is now a proper member of) the fabulous Bonafide!