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Getting ready for album release and, hey, gigs too!

By Mats. Posted in Gigs | Comments Off on Getting ready for album release and, hey, gigs too!

You’ve possibly heard the rumours already of a late March release for the upcoming, third Backdraft album. It’s been a long process but as with these things, many factors contribute. Ultimately, we have to be satisfied with what and how we put things out, and we have now come to exactly that point. Expect a formal announcement on Friday this week!

Having said that, it’s well about time we book some tour dates, isn’t it?

We are looking to focus mainly on Sweden and perhaps our Nordic neighbors for April, but will hit Europe anywhere and anywhen it’s possible. For the summer festival season, we’ve also begun work. If you run, book or know a venue or festival for Backdraft, please get in touch!

As drummer Hot Sweet And Sticky Nikki will be on a long European tour with our good friends Bonafide, starting in Bonn, Germany on Feb 22nd, we will focus on setting dates for April, when the album has been released. Have mercy!

On a related note, a new trio – PS3 – has been formed by Mats and Nick with Bonafide singer/guitarist Pontus Snibb, making its official live debut at Pub Anchor in Stockholm on February 11th-12th. Be there!

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