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We’ve got a few new shirts up for sale, both at the upcoming gigs, as well as in the official webshop at Deaf & Dumb! One design, with This Heaven Goes To Eleven gfx available in a nice sandy color for guys (S-M-L-XL) and in white for girls (S-M-L). The other with an amazing Ambigram, by our friend, award-winning designer Johan “Sparris” Skylling, in vintage bone white, on black (S-M-L-XL).

Shipping internationally! Here are some price quotes: 199 SEK – € 22  – £ 19,60 – $ 31,90, shipping excluded.

Click the photos above for larger versions, and visit the Deaf & Dumb webshop to place your order!

Add the limited edition vinyl/CD versions of This Heaven Goes To Eleven to your order and you’re all set for the summer.

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