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Backdraft interview by Decibel Magazine (US) online

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Backdraft in the media this week:

Our old label-mate from Backdraft’s early days at Lunasound Recording, Kevin Stewart-Panko (who used to be in a band called Association Area), got in touch recently to do an interview for Decibel – one of the biggest metal magazines in the USandA!

Check it out! Photos by Ricky Franzén.

Follow this link to read the full interview!

“This quintet may have called Stockholm home, but they churned out the southern rock so authentically on their debut album, 2001’s Here to Save You All that you wouldn’t have been kicked out of the barn for assuming the band hailed from somewhere deep beneath the Mason-Dixon Line.

Apparently, Swedes steeped in stroking themselves silly over the sort of cultural exports comprising the recent “American Fest” held in Upplands-Väsby on the 4th of July weekend agree, as Backdraft played this fest and, more recently, at a drag racing event at the drag racing hotspot of Ljusdal.

I discovered, via the wonders of J. Bennett’s interhole, that the band have recently released a new album called This Heaven Goes to Eleven. So, I quickly tracked down bassist (and former label-mate) Mats Rydström who took time out from his busy schedule of shopping for bell-bottoms, growing his beard, driving his General Lee-painted Volvo around Stockholm and filling old-timey spittoons with tobacco spit to answer a few questions.”

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