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Exclusive Sweden Rock Festival Show!

By Mats. Posted in Gigs, News | Comments Off on Exclusive Sweden Rock Festival Show!


Let’s just quote the Sweden Rock Festival announcement for now:

”Sweden’s southern rock champs have been praised by the enthusiasts of the genre, not to mention the reviewers. The band’s catalogue consists of three albums so far: ”Here to save you all” (2001), ”The second coming” (2007) and ”This heaven goes to eleven” (2011). The song ”Yesterdays and tomorrows” from the latter was even distributed by none other than Classic Rock Magazine. At their third show at the Sweden Rock Festival, Backdraft will add yet another beloved southern rock attribute: triple guitars! They will take to the stage with all three guitarists that’s ever been in the band, for the first and only (?) time.”<

There are still some 3 day tickets left, so visit to secure yours right away. Stay tuned for further news and announcements, and make sure you tune in to for all the latest, quick, up-to-date news and reports.