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Goddamn Man from Sweden Rock Festival

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A huge thank you to everyone who came out to the show at this past weekend’s Sweden Rock Festival – we had a great time! Thanks also to the organizers of the festival, in particular Johannes Lindström and Martin Forssman, the film crew and our road crew Kenny Nilsson (lights), Gustav Kronfelt (guitar tech), Per Wikström (tour manager & percussion).

Here’s a taster of what the film crew shot: Goddamn Man! The first time you could hear and see Backdraft with three guitarists. Stay tuned for news about the dvd we are planning to put together of this very special show.

And also the biggest thank you goes out to our guitarist Robert “Rabbi Rob” Johansson for all these years of guitar genius-ness and good times!

For those who missed to pick up merchandise at the festival – you can order the vinyl/cd (180 gram, gatefold with Blue Sky as a bonus track) from the GMR Music online store.




”A warm thank you to everyone in the band and to all of you, who have inspired, cheered us on and shared the musical joy that Backdraft has given. Now it’s time for me to move on with new projects. Hugs to all of you! /Robert”

Sweden Rock Festival 2013, in less than one week from now, will be Backdraft guitarist and founding member Robert’s last show with the band. Robert actually stepped down a year and a half ago and the other band members have since – as you may have noticed – focused on their other bands. Robert would now like to make this official before his final show, at Sweden Rock Festival.

The rest of the band wish Robert all the best in the future, and we thank him for all these years, the music and experiences we’ve shared together. We are happy to be able to close this chapter of the Backdraft story in such a grand style, at Sweden Rock Festival, where we played our first big show back in 2001.

We’re also excited to have Snejken joining Robert and Jon on stage for a one time only triple guitar attack. This is obviously the only opportunity to see this live. However, we are filming and recording the show for a possible dvd or other type of release. If you can join us at Sweden Rock, make sure your voice goes to eleven to help us share this special moment.





Exclusive Sweden Rock Festival Show!

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Let’s just quote the Sweden Rock Festival announcement for now:

”Sweden’s southern rock champs have been praised by the enthusiasts of the genre, not to mention the reviewers. The band’s catalogue consists of three albums so far: ”Here to save you all” (2001), ”The second coming” (2007) and ”This heaven goes to eleven” (2011). The song ”Yesterdays and tomorrows” from the latter was even distributed by none other than Classic Rock Magazine. At their third show at the Sweden Rock Festival, Backdraft will add yet another beloved southern rock attribute: triple guitars! They will take to the stage with all three guitarists that’s ever been in the band, for the first and only (?) time.”<

There are still some 3 day tickets left, so visit to secure yours right away. Stay tuned for further news and announcements, and make sure you tune in to for all the latest, quick, up-to-date news and reports.





20 minute Backdraft video report from Serie Z 2011!

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Here’s a little something for all of you who haven’t been able to catch the band in a while: an interview (eh, better let the music do the talkin’, right?!) with a bunch of live footage from the Serie Z Festival show, from Jerez in Spain in October. Featuring both new and old songs, and y’all gotta have to sing along for Out Of Here, where drummer Niklas’ mic was apparently inaudible. Many thanks from Five Idiots Abroad to all of you who came to this show!





Two clips from the Live At Heart show in Örebro

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Thanks to all who came out to see us at Kulturhuset, Örebro at the Live At Heart festival this past weekend! We had a blast. And our good buddy Matte Holm even got two clips from the show, which we’d like to share with y’all.

First, show opener Just Ain’t Right and Yesterdays & Tomorrows (which is also featured on the CD with the new issue of Classic Rock Magazine – check it out!)

And then, Nick The Dick singin’ and playing his ass off on Out Of Here: