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This Heaven Goes To Eleven is out now and we celebrate that with a release party and concert, hosted by The.Blacklist, at Marie Laveau, Hornsgatan 66 in Stockholm, Sweden, Thursday, March 31st!

Doors open at 7:00 PM, it’s only 50 SEK to get in, so that you can spend the rest of your hard-earned cash drinkin’ and grabbing a copy or two of This Heaven Goes To Eleven – which will be available in the limited edition 180 gram gatefold vinyl (with bonus track, AND free CD copy of the album for your car, computer or whatever). We’ll also have two new t-shirts for sale!

Showtime is at 9:00 PM! We’ll play all of the new album, plus a few golden oldies.

DJ for the evening: Pontus Snibb from Bonafide.

So just clear your calendar for the night and just call in dead tomorrow, it’s April fools day after all!

If you are a Facebook user, you can RSVP for the event here! (this doesn’t mean free admission)

Hope to see y’all there!

Jonas, Jon, Mats, Niklas, Rob





Getting ready for album release and, hey, gigs too!

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You’ve possibly heard the rumours already of a late March release for the upcoming, third Backdraft album. It’s been a long process but as with these things, many factors contribute. Ultimately, we have to be satisfied with what and how we put things out, and we have now come to exactly that point. Expect a formal announcement on Friday this week!

Having said that, it’s well about time we book some tour dates, isn’t it?

We are looking to focus mainly on Sweden and perhaps our Nordic neighbors for April, but will hit Europe anywhere and anywhen it’s possible. For the summer festival season, we’ve also begun work. If you run, book or know a venue or festival for Backdraft, please get in touch!

As drummer Hot Sweet And Sticky Nikki will be on a long European tour with our good friends Bonafide, starting in Bonn, Germany on Feb 22nd, we will focus on setting dates for April, when the album has been released. Have mercy!

On a related note, a new trio – PS3 – has been formed by Mats and Nick with Bonafide singer/guitarist Pontus Snibb, making its official live debut at Pub Anchor in Stockholm on February 11th-12th. Be there!





photos up from the Athens gig in November

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Thanks to photographer Lina Koshka who took these from our first ever gig in Greece at the 7 Sins Club in Athens on November 27th. We had a blast and hope to return some day! Big ups to Spiros for bringing us there and Antonis, Vasilis and Mattan for taking care and helping with everything, also Planet of Zeus and Routes! And special thanks to Lotta who traveled all the way from Gothenburg for the show, and who took us to Akropolis!





A few upcoming gigs

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Heaven-o there!

We’re just finishing up the last tracks for the upcoming third album, which is already sounding awesome, and will move onto mixing and mastering soon. Road-tested a few new bits – Idiot, Baby Baby, Wheel Of No Fortune and Yesterdays & Tomorrows – at the last couple of gigs and they seem to go down well.

The next Backdraft gigs are:

• June 19th at Röde Orm MC, in Skälvum, Västergötland for their 25th anniversary
• July 10th at the Rockweekend Festival in Söderhamn (with Sebastian Bach, Twisted Sister, Deep Purple, Venom as well as our friends and colleagues Bonafide, Abramis Brama, Babylon Bombs, Hellsingland Underground and many more.)

Hope to see you there!

Also in the works is a European tour, promoting the album. I can’t give you any details yet, but if you do have a club or know people who do, please e-mail us at and we’ll make sure the booking agents get in touch to set something up!

Have a great summer y’all!





Recent related road adventures

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Backdraft’s been keeping a quite low profile, while focusing on the writing and recording, only playing Sticky Fingers top-floor in Gothenburg in September (thank YOU to those who rocked out on short notice!)

Meanwhile some of the guys been moonlighting with their other projects, check ’em out:

• Jonas did a weekend’s worth of gigs in Germany, and then a few in Greece, with psychadelic groove masters Siena Root, in addition to recording and mixing a lot of different projects at his A.R.T. Studios.

• Rob has been performing here and there with the mighty Abramis Brama, who released their fifth studio album, Smakar Söndag, this summer. Which got nominated for the P3 Guld award, even!

• Jon has released a new record, Babylon’s Burning, with his other band, Babylon Bombs.

• Mats have played a few gigs with singer/songwriter Maria Pettersson, featuring Filip Norman of Qoph on guitar, and also sat in with Fender Rhodes and hot-shot driven Stockholm band The Worthy for one gig.

• Niklas has been hard at work running the clubs Heaven & Hell at Debaser, The Cave and Rocks, and also recently been touring with (and is now a proper member of) the fabulous Bonafide!