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Mixing progress?!

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Hello!  Surprise, we’re still mixing this bloody album, even after a month or so…  and this was gonna be a fast record.  Goes to show you never really know what a project will grow into.  On the happy side of things – it is gonna be GOOD!  Here are two snapshots from the mixing studio, one showing a bit of studio fatigue perhaps?!

The album will have nine songs, it’s very varied and once it is DONE we will probably be very pleased with it.  Oh yes, a lot of time is also spent trying to find a record company that is not bankrupt and that still wanna print plastic products for your listening pleasure!


Believe it or not, we are almost done! Lead vocals on the last song tonite, and then onto the mixing process. Looking at business deals at the same time, trying to make sure the record will get a proper release. A contract is yet to be signed…

Apologies for the lack of studio diaries lately, we’ll get back on track with that shortly!

Here’s one, featuring The Duke Of Honk, adding some tasty keyboard tracks.


You can now follow the band at work on what will eventually become the third Backdraft album, at their headquarters, A.R.T. Studios in southern Stockholm – from writing to rehearsing to cuttin’ proper tracks.

You’ll find all these updates, along with various other music related clips, at these fine websites:
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Please make enjoy!